2016 Member Emeritus Awards

Carl and Melba Bradberry, Judy Pike, and Teresa Beach-Shelow

In 2002 it became apparent that local support for manufacturing was very lacking.  Local organizations had a national focus but a regional champion did not exist.  Three dynamic women pooled their forces and resources to fund the startup of a regionally focused non-profit. They gathered a core of like-minded women in manufacturing to flesh out the details.  One of the husband’s (business partners) insisted that ‘Women” be included in the title of this new organization because as he put it “women get it done!”   As a result Women of Today’s Manufacturing was born.

The founders vision has grown to one of the most respected manufacturing organizations in this region.  In our short history we have:

  • Created and run a manufacturing camp exposed  over 50 young people to all aspects of manufacturing.  This model has been copied and implanted worldwide by FMA.

  • We have given over $40,000 dollars in scholarship to students, members and robotics.

  • Created an endowment fund at the Community foundation that allows us to give annual scholarships.

WOTM is honored to present Teresa Beach-Shelow (Superior Joining Technologies), Judy Pike, Melba, and Carl Bradberry with membership emeritus awards.  These awards are defined as follows: Life time membership at no cost to the member to be awarded through nomination by the executive board and approval by the Board of Directors.  This membership is reserved for members who have shown dedication and service in excess of 10 years.  Up to but not exceeding 3 memberships may be awarded in any fiscal year.   An exception is to be given to 2017 with a maximum of 4 member emeritus awards. Nominations must be made and approved by November 1st of the year preceding the effective date of the membership emeritus status.

These are many more members that seen this vision and have supported WOTM since the begininng and we appreciate each and every member!!

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